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Paintball Croydon
Scenario: Storm the heavily guarded castle and rescue the hostage...
The mission is clear, the president has been taken hostage and it's your job to get in and get him out unharmed. The defending force won't give up without a fight so be prepared for losses as you storm the fortress and grab the president. All that's left then is to make a dash for freedom to the waiting RV point!
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Paintball Surrey
Scenario: Woodland Warfare...
Teams need to advance through the huge forest field, attempting to eliminate the enemy's captain who defends their prized flag, our large dense woodland field will come alive with the ensuing fire-fight. Emerge upon forest clearings to discover our barrel pyramids scattered everywhere but watch out for our centre field bunker, anyone caught out in the open hasn't got a hope!
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Paintball London
Scenario: Storm the bunker and annihilate the defending force...
Ever wondered what it's like to try and storm an enemy machine gun nest? Well here is your chance!! Make your way through the undergrowth to arrive upon a heavily fortified 360° bunker. The objective is simple, grab the flag and try to make a dash for freedom...
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Paintball Croydon
Scenario: Take control of the giant tower to light the smoke signal...
It's time for close quarter, hut to hut combat. Attempt to advance your way through the village and reach our giant 2 floored 30ft tower. By taking control of the tower and thus gaining the upper hand all that's left is to climb the tower, light the smoke and wait for air support!
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Paintball Games South London
Scenario: Capture the enemy's flag while under intense fire...
Our enclosed 150sq.m arena acts as the backdrop to this insane battlefield. With dozens of circular wheels, some of them randomly moving across the field! Speed and good reaction times are essential here if you want to survive, it simply has to be played to be believed!!
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