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Designed to be all-inclusive and super easy to organise for parents, our Mini Paintball Kids Birthday party packages are not just easy to book, but include everything ‘Paintball’ needed for boys and girls alike to have the “Best party ever!”

A Mini Paintballing Kids Birthday party includes:

£299 for up to 8 players

An all-inclusive Paintballing Party: 12pm–2.30pm.

All paintballs/ammo included

​Full reloads for all players, every set of games. No extra costs!

£30 for additional players

Add on players for only £30 each.

Free large Pizza Hut pizzas included

Large Pizza Hut pizzas for the Party to share, plus a drink each!

Paintballing for 8–11 year olds only

​Age exclusive meaning the best Paintball games for kids possible!

The best age-appropriate kit

New ‘low impact’ Paintball guns & kids full-head goggles systems.

Collectables, hidden in game!

Sniper Rifles and Riot Shields can be found by players to help turn defeat into victory!

FREE dog-tags and pictures!

As a ‘Squad Leader’, the Birthday Girl/Boy will receive a free dog tag to keep. We also take ‘Squad Pictures’ for parents to share on Facebook.

Best customer service guaranteed

​The best, professionally trained events staff to host your party safely and to the highest standard.

Never before has Paintballing been so accessible, inclusive, fun and safe for younger kids. Utilising brand new ‘Low impact’ Kids Paintballing guns that are designed specifically for this age group, we launched our Mini Paintball activity as a totally separate kids Paintballing experience to normal Paintballing events, tailor-making everything to be the perfect Paintballing party experience for juniors, and as easy to organise as possible for parents!

All Paintballs (ammunition) are included for all players, with everyone being fully reloaded every set of games. This means no extra costs and everyone being able to get fully involved in every game.

Being a Paintball hero can also be hungry work, so we also include large Pizza Hut pizzas for the group and a bottle of water for each player at the end of the session, keeping them well fuelled until home time.

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