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Professional Level Paintball Guns and Professionally designed Game Maps

Welcome to the new age of Paintballing. Launching GO Paintball London, our owner and former UK #1 Paintballer Tommy made it his mission pull together the newest and best Paintballing guns & Equipment possible for our customers to use. Since then, we have constantly evolved, improved and upgraded our equipment even further as technology has progressed, always staying 1 step ahead of the competition.

What does that all mean for you and your squad at GO Paintball London? Less hassle from ‘fogging’ goggle lenses and more accurate & reliable Paintball guns, leaving you all to simply have an awesome and unforgettable day on our varied, professionally designed game maps, spread over 50 acres of themed battlefields!

We are also one of the only Paintballing venues in the world to offer 2 Professional level Paintballing Gun upgrade options for our players. Just like computer games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty, each player can choose a Paintballing weapon that suits their strengths and play style!

Themed Battlefields

Do you see yourself laying down covering fire for your friends? Being that deadly and sneaky sniper? Or the objective playing run and gunner?

Standard Issue Paintball Rifle

Paintball Rifle – Standard Issue

(included with Equipment Hire)

Utilising the newest Paintball gun technology, our reliable and pretty much bombproof new Paintball rifles are the tried and tested best standard issue rifles in existence.

A solid firing system, ergonomic design and inclusive fore grip creates a stable shooting platform to lay down good closer range fire with a semi-automatic fire rate of around 3 rounds per second.

  • Accuracy
  • Rate of Fire
  • Manoeuverability
  • Overall
AR15 Assault Rifle

Etha Sniper Rifle

This new professional level Etha Sniper Rifle is based off a variant of the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper system, which is commonly used around the world as a platoon level support gun.

Our sharp-shooting sniper rifle is fitted with the most accurate ported Paintballing barrel and fires with a much quieter sound signature, ideal for those stealthier mid/long range shots. It also comes fitted with a fore grip for steadiness and better mobility between cover. This Sniper Rifle is semi-automatic with a rate of fire of around 4 rounds per second.

  • Accuracy
  • Rate of Fire
  • Manoeuverability
  • Overall
£20 Day Rental
Etek Paintball Assault Rifle

Etek Assault Rifle

Our new, beastly Etek Assault Rifle is based on the legendary G36, used globally by Special Forces and armed law enforcement.

This professional level Paintball gun is built with an electric firing mechanism, break beam ‘eyes’ and a micro switch double trigger, allowing the operator to not only fire semi-automatically, but also fire rapidly at up to 8 rounds per second if needed! Its adaptable ROF coupled with its accurate ported barrel make this ideal for game changing players over all ranges.

  • Accuracy
  • Rate of Fire
  • Manoeuverability
  • Overall
£20 Day Rental

The Best Standard Issue Equipment

  • The best anti-mist goggle systems

  • Standard issue rifles, air systems and loaders

  • Multi-cam full body Ninja suits

  • Full capacity ammo belts

  • Body armour if required

Hand Grenades & Optional Equipment

Paintball gas grenade

‘Lethal’ Nova Gas Grenades

Our Nova Gas grenades are perfect for tower clearance or to take down a bunker loaded with bad guys! If players stay in Nova gas for too long they will be eliminated. Spark it, chuck it and watch enemies scatter out into your preying sights!

3 for £20
Paintball cover smoke grenads

Cover Smoke Grenades

Our high volume smoke grenades are ideal for covering open ground between your squad and an objective, allowing you to push up under smoke cover. Or if you are surrounded, to cover a hasty retreat! They pump out thick cover smoke at a fast rate for around 90 seconds.

3 for £20
Armoured Paintball Gloves

Paintball Gloves – Armoured

Specifically designed and created for Paintballing, our full-fingered Paintballing gloves offer the best protection for your fingers and hands. They also feature a gripped palm for better gun maneuverability. Should you want them, armoured gloves are yours to keep for only £10!

Special Ops Bobcat Beanie

Special Ops Bobcat Beanies

Our fold up bobcat beanies don’t only give another layer of protection but also help to keep the sweat out of your eyes and keep you looking cool when you are out there busting your Rambo rolls! Yours to keep for only £5!


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